Co-Op Housing Societies
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Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) was established in January 1975 by the Government of Maharashtra under the MMRDA Act, 1974, as an apex body for planning and co-ordination of development activities in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. The MMRDA functions under the administrative control of the Urban Development Department (UDD), Government of Maharashtra. There are 152 cases of Government land admeasuring 20,15,906.98 sq m given on lease by MMRDA in Mumbai and Thane Districts. Of these, 53 cases in Mumbai (recreation-7, commercial-33, social-8, residential-5) admeasuring 6,56,725.55 sq. m were selected for detailed scrutiny.


1. Allotmentof Land

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) owns various parcel of land in Mumbai .Out of the undisposed land (vacant land), MMRDA temporarily make it available on lease basis for the several organisation for organizing events, exhibitions, setting up company etc. on payment of license fee at the predetermined rate and on the terms & conditions as per the policy formulated by the Authority. Normally the Government Lands Gets Managed by Grant of Lease Under the Government Grants Act for A Specific Purpose Such as For Agricultural, Residential, Commercial. Industrial or Charitable Purposes for A Specific Period, Which Might Span Up To 99 Years. With or Without Premium, Subject to Special Instructions Issued by The State Government in Respect of Some Areas for Special Reasons.


2. Renewal of lease of M.M.R.D.A land

After the Lease Has Expired, The Lessees Will Have to Pay the Fixed Amount of Money to Get the Lease Renewed. However, It Is Directly on thecivic body to Either Accept or Reject the Lease Application. Societies Have Been Asking for The Leasehold Properties to Be Converted to Freehold Properties So Proper Development Can Take Place.


3. Redevelopment of housing society ON M.M.R.D.A LAND

Redevelopment Is the Process of Demolishing an Existing Building Altogether and Constructing A New One. It Is A Massive Undertaking That Requires A Highly Proactive and Careful Approach on Behalf of The Housing Society. Let’s Dive into The Specifics of Redevelopment and Its Many Components If Your Building Is At Least 25 Years Old or In Dilapidated Conditions, Structural Repair and Renovation Will Only Increase Its Lifespan By 4 To 5 Years. Redevelopment Is A More Feasible and Sustainable Choice for The Long Run. The Market Value of a Redeveloped Apartment Is Higher Than That of a Repaired One. Before proceeding one should approached to the office of the MMRDA to get the prior permission for the redevelopment of the society