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Adjudication of Stamp Duty

Adjudication of stamp duty means to pass a judgement or to adjudge how much stamp duty is payable for the registration of a particular document. When the quantum of stamp duty is variable and not fixed, it may often lead to confusion as to how much stamp duty is payable. If you are buying a new property, you will have to pay a fee called stamp duty, which is levied by the state government. This fee is used to validate the registration of your property in your name, and legalise your property ownership document. Without paying stamp duty on the property registration document, you will not be considered a legal owner of the property in question.


Residential to Commercial

Conversion from residential to commercial property can be an open or exempted choice for people, depending upon the area of your residence. Some states allow up to 30 per cent area of a house to be used for commercial activities. Certain professions such as doctors, lawyers, etc, have been exempted from paying charges. However, this is mainly because they render ‘professional activities’ which are different from commercial activities. No one wants to grow a business or establish a commercial property without properly aligning with the prevailing law, as it could get you stuck in the mud. To avoid legal implications, go through the important set of pointers.


Recovery of Documents

Documents are the main subject in the property matters. Over here we recover all type of documents such as Registered sale deed, conveyance deed, Development agreement, extract of 6/12, 7/12, Property card, Building Approval plan, cts plan, dp remark, iod,cc,ocN.A order. From various department such as, Talathi - Tehsil-City Survey office, Municipal corporation, collector office, sub registrar office and office of the deputy registrar of cooperating housing society etc


Assistance in Land Survey

The land survey assistance on site is made of several factors in order to be successful: precision, professional experience, proper management and determination. We have worked in large projects, and our attention focused every time on our co-worker’s needs; therefore, for their safety, we are checking the provided work by at least one more method. A Survey is a way of “freezing” the landscape into the form of a map, When title of land is transferred. When land is subdivided. When land is developed for infrastructure, construction of buildings, roads, fencing, etc. When a dispute with respect to boundary arises. When a building or fence is to be constructed near a property line. When a plot is to be conveyed from a larger tract and the plot has not been previously surveyed.


Drafting of Documents

1. Conveyance Deed
2. Sale Deed
3. Gift Deed
4. Relinquishment Deed / Release Deed
5. Will
6. Development Agreement
7.Joint Development Agreement
8. Memorandum of Understanding ( M.O.U )